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DMJ-MC Metalized Film Capacitor Offers Better Performance for Frequency Converters and Inverters

Group Release | Wuxi, China | June 10, 2020

DMJ-MC metalized film capacitor at CRE has competitive advantages over traditional electrolytic capacitor in frequency converters and inverters due to its smaller size, higher energy density, resistance to higher voltage, longer life expectancy, lower production cost and unique self-healing capability.

Wuxi, Jiangsu (June 10, 2020) – Wuxi CRE New Energy has been specializing in manufacturing metalized film capacitors since 2011. Widely applied in DC-Link circuit for filtering and energy storage purpose, DMJ-MC series is representative of various metalized film capacitors at CRE.

With a rated voltage range from 450 to 4000 VDC and a capacitance range from 50-4000 UF, DMJ-MC capacitor is?equipped with copper nuts and plastic cover for insulation. It is packaged in aluminum cylinder and filled by dry resin. Larger capacitance in smaller size, DMJ-MC capacitor could be conveniently installed.

DMJ-MC series, along with other metalized film capacitors at CRE, offers better performance in frequency converters and inverters compared to traditional electrolytic capacitor and is competitively replacing the use of the latter.

The dielectric property of aluminum oxide and the conductivity of electrolyte limit the maximum voltage resistance of electrolytic capacitor. Traditional electrolytic capacitor typically has a maximum rated voltage of 500V or 600V.?When higher voltage is required, multiple electrolytic capacitors need to be connected in series along with appropriate resistance for balancing voltage. This will increase the instability of capacitors and even possibly lead to explosion or electrolyte leakage, which is harmful to the environment.

However, DMJ-MC series, as a typical metalized film capacitor at CRE, provides solutions to all limitations and disadvantages of traditional electrolytic capacitors mentioned above. To begin with, it does not use chemical electrolytes at all meaning that it is much more environmentally-friendly. Also, it provides resistance to higher voltage per capacitor with a rated voltage range from 450 to 4000 VDC. The maximum voltage resistance is approximately 7 times higher than that of traditional electrolytic capacitor. Besides, it has smaller size, lighter weight and higher energy density leading to a lower production cost.

In addition, DMJ-MC metalized film capacitor has the feature of self-healing, a capability to prevent catastrophic failure when an internal defect occurs. The dielectric film in DMJ-MC is coated with a thin metallic layer. When there is a weak point or impurity on the dielectric, a breakdown will occur. The energy released by the arc discharge at the breakdown will be sufficient enough to evaporate the metal layer around, isolate the defect and effectively heal the capacitor to maintain functionality. Therefore, DMJ-MC has a longer life expectancy and practical reliability with zero catastrophic failure compared to traditional electrolytic capacitors.

DMJ-MC metalized film capacitor has a wide range of applications including all kinds of frequency converters and inverters, photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, EVs, HEVs, SVG, SVC and other energy management devices.

Over the past 9 years, Wuxi CRE New Energy has been perfecting its metalized film capacitor technology and has been an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for reputable electronic company in America. DMJ-MC metalized film capacitor is one of the most popular and best-selling products since it offers better performance with multiple competitive advantages when applied in frequency converters and inverters. It is a long-term typical, reliable and quality solution for the demanding market.

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